Providing consulting services to public and private clients who are pursuing environmental missions in their business or government operations and design / construction projects.

Working with you to clearly define your environmental goals while integrating them into all aspects of your project or organization.  The environmental mission is then embedded into your facility operations and organization’s institutional knowledge, and thus becomes self-sustaining.


Green Building Consulting

Providing green building design, consulting, and management services including LEED, National Green Building Standard (NGBS), Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC), Green Globes, and Living Building Challenge.

Energy Analysis and Commissioning

Providing energy simulation / analysis and building commissioning with the goal of achieving reduced energy consumption / operating costs in new and existing facilities.

Sustainability Consulting

Managing sustainability projects and programs, defining environmental goals, setting clear metrics, and implementing tools and programs to track success and return on investment.


Florida Building Code Required Commissioning and LEED

Did you know that the Florida Building Code requires building commissioning, independent of LEED?  Many of our clients and the design / construction professionals with whom we work do not know this or fully understand it.  After multiple inquiries and explanations, we put together this guide to understanding Florida Building Code Commissioning and LEED Commissioning.  […]

Energy in Building Design + Construction: Prescriptive vs. Performance

In my 17 years of professional experience, I have often been surprised by how much disconnect there is between the design + construction team when it comes to building energy analysis and code compliance.  I will call out my fellow architects here and say I have been especially dismayed at times by first, the lack […]

5 Tips for Evaluating a Contractor for a LEED Job

In any green building project, the General Contractor plays a critical role.  With the advent of LEED v4, this role is even more critical than it was under LEED v3.  It is critical at all levels – from the boots on the ground at the construction site, to the team securing subcontractors, to the upper […]

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